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  • Bosch Tmall Shop

    Bosch Auto Parts Tmall Shop

    High quality spare parts for different car segments

    Main products: wipers, filters, spark plugs and brake pads

  • Bosch Auto Parts
    Bosch Auto Parts Bosch Auto Parts

    Bosch Auto Parts

    High-quality spare parts for your car

    Spare parts from Bosch impress through their quality, reliability and innovative technology. Products only go into series production when they have satisfied our exacting requirements.



To protect the consumers’ interests and prevent the prevailing of fake products, Bosch provides various methods to verify authenticity.

Bosch Tmall Online Flagship Shop

Bosch Tmall Online Flagship Shop

With the Bosch Online Shop on Tmall, select & purchase high quality Bosch autoparts for your car at the comfort of your homes.

Bosch eXtra

Bosch eXtra

For our B2B customers, register or log-on to Bosch eXtra platform to redeem points & exchange for attractive gifts and prizes!