Oil Filters

Oil filters
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    So Everything Runs Smoothly in the Engine

    The most important add-on for commercial vehicles – ultra-fine oil filtration

    In addition to the main flow filter, which filters the entire quantity of oil with each cycle, commercial vehicles usually also have a bypass filter. This cleans 5-10% of the oil in a separate circuit and filters out the smallest particles in the process. This prevents premature oil deterioration. Over time, soot particles build up in the oil and cannot be filtered by the main flow filter alone. This means that the oil does not lubricate as well. The oil becomes more viscous and no longer reaches all the parts that require lubrication. The result: Increased wear to the engine components!

    Change the Oil Filters Regularly According to the Vehicle Manufacturer's Specifications.

    Oil filter cross-section

    Consequences of a clogged filter:

    – Premature engine wear, possibly leading to damage

    – Decreased engine power

    – Increased oil consumption

    – Escaping oil

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