Diesel Control Units

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    Electronic Engine Management: Perfectly-Regulated Engine Functions

    Control units adjust all engine functions to each other and ensure lower consumption and emissions alongside dynamic driving performance. The electronics manage mixture control, gasoline injection and ignition for example, in addition to start/stop systems and the regulation of turbochargers.

    In operation, the control unit constantly monitors and diagnoses all components which influence system safety and emission performance. This makes engine management the core of the large variety of interlinked individual components. The engine control unit adjusts these perfectly and thereby ensures optimized driving behavior.

    The EDC (Electronic Diesel Control) is the engine control unit (ECU) for diesel systems. It regulates the functions of the injection system and guarantees that the engine provides the requested engine torque. The injection is constantly adjusted to the engine and the driving situation. Diesel engines with Bosch ECUs convincingly demonstrate maximum dynamic performance concomitant with minimal fuel consumption and low emissions. Clean, economical operation is guaranteed with quick adjustment of all injection parameters.

    Bosch control units, for both cars and commercial vehicles, are available via the Bosch eXchange program and can be repaired by the Bosch Electronic Repair Service.