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    Success and quality since 1902: Bosch spark plugs make history

    1902 - The first spark plug with high-voltage magneto is developed by Bosch and revolutionizes motoring.

    More than 110 years ago, Bosch achieved the breakthrough in modern automotive technology: The world's first high-voltage magneto was created at the Stuttgart works in 1901. This replaced the then commonly used ignition systems such as glow tubes and naked flames.

    The gasoline engine became more powerful and safer - a real impetus for the automotive industry. On 7th January 1902 Bosch were awarded a patent on their spark plug and this marked the start of the success story. To date Bosch have developed more than 20 000 types of spark plug. Although the ingenious operating principle of the spark plug developed by Bosch has never changed in the course of 110 years, its performance has steadily improved.


    Facts from 110 years of experience:

    • Bosch invented the spark plug
    • Bosch manufacture more than 350 million spark plugs every year
    • The same high quality standards apply to production throughout the world
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