Oil Filters

Oil filters
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    So Everything Runs Smoothly in the Engine

    Sectional view of oil filter

    Task of the oil

    - Minimization of wear and friction

    - Heat dissipation

    - Precision sealing and protection against corrosion

    Task of the oil filter

    • To protect the engine against impurities in the oil

    Change the oil filters regularly according to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications.

    Consequences of silted-up filter:

    • Premature engine wear, even to the extent of engine damage
    • Reduced engine power
    • Increased oil consumption
    • Escape of oil

    Urban traffic means stress for the oil

    On short-distance trips and in stop-and-go traffic, the oil and the oil filters should be changed more often than the replacement intervals specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Frequent cold starts lead to more condensation and a fuel surplus in the combustion mixture. This means that...

    • ... unburnt hydrocarbons and condensation enter the oil which leads to premature aging of the oil
    • ... at high engine temperatures, these components evaporate in the oil circuit, which further reduces the lubrication quality
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