Brake Calipers from Bosch

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Bosch eXchange

As good as new: Reconditioned Bosch automotive parts from Bosch eXchange.

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    Reliable application of pressure

    Safety through quality: Brake calipers from Bosch ensure the ideal conversion of hydraulic pressure to provide optimum braking action. They are available for almost all vehicles - ideally matched to the requirements of every single type. The strong points: Outstanding reliability and a long service life.

    Bosch-eXchange: Brake repairs at current market value

    Bosch eXchange: "Present value" brake repair

    The Bosch eXchange range offers "present value" repair as an inexpensive, top quality alternative to replacement with new parts.

    • In-house production in Göttingen: Experience and manufacturing expertise in the field of repaired parts
    • Same quality, warranty and operation as for new items
    • For 93 % of all vehicles
    • Rapid, reliable and straightforward handling
    • Preservation of resources through reduced energy and material consumption