ABS8 Long and ESP8

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  • Product information

    Electronic driving safety systems are designed to prevent accidents or minimize damage. With ABS, TCS and ESP®, Bosch is one of the pioneers in the field of active driving safety.

    Originally conceived as special equipment for luxury cars, electronic driving safety systems have since become standard for many new vehicles – even in the compact class. Safety made by Bosch

    ABS Anti-Lock Braking System: Braking and Steering

    In critical driving situations, e.g. wet or slippery road, or if the driver is startled or shocked, the wheels can become locked when braking. This makes it impossible to steer the vehicle. The anti-lock braking system (ABS) detects incipient locking of one or more wheels at an early stage and selectively reduces the braking pressure. This ensures that the driver can avoid obstructions even with full braking and can brake the vehicle and bring it to a stop safely and quickly.

  • Control unit for ABS and ESP

    ESP®: A System Which Can Save Lives

    Longitudinal and lateral forces act on every car when driving. The driver can stably drive the car for as long as the shear force reserves on the tires are sufficient. If these do not reach a certain level, however, then stable handling is no longer guaranteed. ESP® prevents skidding right from the onset and therefore counteracts one of the main causes for serious and fatal accidents.

    The ESP® Components Are:

    • Hydraulic modulator with add-on control unit
    • Wheel speed sensor
    • Steering angle sensor
    • Yaw rate and lateral acceleration sensor