Bosch launches brand new laser welded single platinum spark plug

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18-06-2015 | China | Corporate News

  • Exclusive 360° continuous wave laser welding for higher durability
  • Fine wire technology for superior performance
  • Meets the needs of changing automotive engine technology
  • Comprehensive range of spark plugs product line in China, covering all major vehicles

Shanghai – Bosch, the global leading supplier of mobility technology and services, recently launched its brand new laser welded single platinum spark plug in China. The new Bosch spark plug adopts a 360° continuous wave laser welded technology, ensuring durability and longer service life. Ultra fine wire design delivers exceptional ignitability and performance, meeting the market requirements of the changing automotive engine technology today.

With the implementation of the ever stringent energy-saving and emission standards in China, downsizing engine with turbo charging technology has become one of the mega trends in improving internal combustion engines. This has led to a higher demand for spark plugs. The compact engine design leads to leaner air fuel ratios. With a thicker chamber wall, it reaches higher combustion chamber pressures. Thinner and longer spark plugs have become a trend that ensures accurate spark position and electrode gap while effectively reducing inner ignition voltage.

With over 129 years of experience in automotive technology innovation, Bosch launches this new generation spark plug to efficiently adapt to the new market needs. The brand new laser welded single platinum spark plug, which targets China’s mid-end automotive aftermarket, is Bosch’s latest efforts to expand product portfolio and meet the application trends of engine technology. With the launch of new laser welded single platinum spark plug, Bosch has created a full range of spark plug product line for China, serving all mainstream mid to high-end vehicle models as well as economical product to meet various customer needs.

The brand new laser welded single platinum spark plug uses the same latest Bosch production technology of OE parts, in order to reach optimal matching and the highest performance. The highlight of the new spark plug lies in the 360° continuous wave laser welding technology, ensuring higher durability and minimum wear-and-tear. Good anti-oxidation and high melting points enable the stability of electrode gap when spark plugs are put in use, therefore, enhancing durability. Tapered ground electrode provides improved combustion and more power, thus reducing emission and is also more eco-friendly. The self cleaning function avoids the risk of ignition failure by carbon deposits in spark plugs, ensuring smooth operation of the engine.

Since have been granted the patent for a high-voltage magneto in combination with a spark plug in 1902, Bosch has enjoyed a strong reputation as the world’s leading spark plugs manufacturer for over 110 years. Bosch’s spark plugs have been chosen as the original equipment standard configuration by most major vehicle manufacturers in the world. The product line of Bosch spark plugs ranges from economical, standard, single platinum, double platinum and double iridium. Bosch’s double iridium line is the only type of spark plug in the world that features iridium-tipped in both center electrode and side electrode, which provides exceptional service life and performance.