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Bosch Displays Connected Automotive Maintenance & Repair Solutions

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16-04-2015 | China | Corporate News

  • New inspection experience – Intelligent and fast diagnosis system Flex Inspect
  • Non-contact alignment – FWA 9000
  • Expert in tool management– SST cabinet system
  • Training expert in diagnostics - KT720

Beijing – Bosch, the leading global supplier of technology and services, displayed a number of innovative products at the 2015 Auto Maintenance & Repair Expo (AMR 2015) in Beijing with the theme “Future-oriented Solutions for Workshops”. The innovative solutions at Bosch booth coverconnected vehicle diagnosis system, non-contact four-wheel alignment system, special service tool management system, and comprehensive automotive repair solutions.

“The rapid development of connectivity technology will drive innovations in the automotive maintenance and repair industry,” said Xu Linfeng, Managing Director of Bosch Automotive Service Solutions, China. "With Bosch's strength in automotive technology and services, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions is committed to continuously delivering product and technology innovations while further developing connected workshop technologies that better serve China's automotive aftermarket and help workshops provide car owners with more efficient and high-quality services."

New inspection experience – Intelligent fast diagnosis system: Flex Inspect

Flex Inspect is an intelligent fast vehicle diagnosis system which leverages vehicular networking technology to consolidate a series of diagnosis services into one system. As soon as a car is parked in the repair station, the system immediately begins a detailed and comprehensive diagnosis, including its tire pressure, battery health, tire tread depth and other items. Meanwhile, the Bosch FWA 9000 non-contact four-wheel alignment system performs fast diagnosis and correction of the car. In four minutes, a comprehensive diagnosis report will be ready to give the owner an intuitive understanding of the car’s conditions. If weak battery health or serious tire wear is detected, the system will alert the owner whether or not replacement is recommended. This intelligent, fast vehicle diagnosis system will start its pilot run in Bosch Car Service Beijing workshop this April.

Non-contact alignment – FWA 9000 wheel alignment system

The FWA 9000 is a next-generation wheel alignment system. Powered by non-touch technology, it delivers substantially improved wheel alignment efficiency. When the vehicle is driven on the detection platform, FWA 9000 will perform simultaneously -wheel measurement, eliminating the time-consuming contact-based measurements of the traditional methods. The four high-performance 3D cameras installed on the detection platform work with a sonar installed in the front to detect and calibrate the detection results, and provide quick values about camber, individual and total toe, which are then quickly delivered as high-precision measurements. This flexible wheel alignment system features a Smart Link adapter that adjusts to different wheelbases and track widths to measure almost any vehicle type, and no rail or fixed lift-robot combination

Tool management expert – Smart Tools managenent cabinet

Smart Tools management cabinet is a cabinet that assists in and improves the use efficiency and management order of special tools in workshop . It has a special tool storage design that enables a wide variety of special s tools to be stored in customized tray according to their sizes, delivering highly efficient space utilization. These trays are compactly located in a multi-layer cabinet that greatly reduces the space required for the storage of the tools, thus saving the space costs for repair centers. Meanwhile, the cabinet adopts a flexible intelligent transmission system to enable the interface operation capability. This makes the storage and retrieval of tools easy and liberates workers from cumbersome manual operations, effectively reducing labor costs.

Training expert in diagnostics - KT720

KT720 is a special automotive diagnostic apparatus that integrates automotive diagnosis and analysis and is specially developed by Bosch for Chinese vocational schools to train vehicle maintenance and repair experts for the furture. When using KT720 to diagnose a car, all one needs to do is connect it to the car. It integrates the diagnostic scanner and the oscilloscope so it can complete all diagnosis tests at the same time, without replacing hardware or reloading software in the process. KT720 has a wide working range of 7-32 voltages and is suitable for both gasoline and diesel vehicles as it can automatically adjust to the vehicle type. The diagnostic data can be displayed in the three modes of digital , waveform and control to facilitate data-reading and analysis. All the diagnostic procedures and results are displayed on a user-friendly interface to enable efficient and accurate diagnosis.

As an important part of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket business, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions is committed to providing carmakers, workshops and trading partners with comprehensive automotive aftermarket diagnosis, maintenance and repair solutions. Its scope of business covers various service solutions including automotive diagnosis, offline diagnosis, workshop equipments, special tools, technology information and training, and diesel system testing.